Beijing, like every mega-city around the world, has shopping opportunities galore: from Asia's biggest shopping mall, to out-of-the-way craft stores and boutiques tucked away in historic hutongs; from crowded, touristy shopping streets, to hypermarkets and world-class department stores. If you can't find it in Beijing, you probably can't find it in China! First-time visitors to Beijing will likely be drawn to its ''Four Famous Representative Art...

Imperial Beijing has existed since the Western Zhou Dynasty, approximately 1066 B.C. Today China's cosmopolitan capital is synonymous with commerce, glamour, liveliness and fast-paced modernity. Beijingren, as the residents of the capital are known, are proud of their style, sense of humor, courtesy, and culture. People from all over the world gather here to study, do business, to work and to live. Beijing's diversity not only stems from its expa...

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