Foreign Trade Overview

In 2005, Beijing's trade volume reached US$158.18 billion, with export volume of US$37.98 billion and import volume of US$120.2 billion. Exports included US$17.28 billion worth of electro-mechanical products and US$12.91 billion in new and hi-tech products. From January to July 2007, growth rates for Beijing's four major exports were all over 60%. Beijing's largest export market is the EU, while ASEAN has surpassed Japan and the US to become the second largest export market for Beijing. 

Foreign Trade and Cultural Ties
Beijing continues to enhance its cooperation and communication with other countries and districts in the areas of trade, science and technology, education and culture. Communications between the government and various non-governmental associations and social groups are frequent, forming the basis for multi-faceted and multi-level market, societal and business reforms in a wide range of areas. Beijing has set up sister city relations with 39 cities around the globe and there are over 26,000 students from foreign countries studying in Beijing.

Beijing's Sister Cities

Country City Date Established
Japan Tokyo 1979-03-14
U.S.A New York 1980-02-25
Yugoslavia Belgrade 1980-10-14
Peru Lima 1983-11-21
U.S.A Washington D.C. 1984-05-15
Spain Madrid 1985-09-16
Brazil Rio de Janeiro 1986-11-24
France Ile-de-France 1987-07-02
Germany Koln 1987-09-14
Turkey Ankara 1990-06-20
Egypt Cairo 1990-10-28
Indonesia Jakarta 1992-08-04
Pakistan Islamabad 1992-10-08
Thailand Bangkok 1993-05-26
Argentina Buenos Aires 1993-07-13
South Korea Seoul 1993-10-23
Ukraine Kiev 1993-12-13
German Berlin 1994-04-05
Belgium Brussels 1994-09-22
Vietnam Hanoi 1994-10-06
Holland Amsterdam 1994-10-29
Russia Moscow 1995-05-16
France Paris 1997-10-23
Italy Rome 1998-05-28
South Africa Gauteng 1998-12-06
Canada Ottawa 1999-10-18
Australia Canberra 2000-09-14
Spain Madrid 2005-01-17
Greece Athens 2005-05-10
Hungary Budapest 2005-06-16
Romania Bucharest 2005-06-21
Cuba Havana 2005-09-04
 Philippines Manila 2005-11-14
U.K. London 2006-04-10
Ethiopia Addis Ababa 2006-04-17
New Zealand Wellington 2006-05-10
Finland Helsinki 2006-07-14
Kazakhstan Astana 2006-11-16
Israel Tel Aviv 2006-11-21