Almost every shopping guide to China points to one place - Xiushuijie, also known as the Silk Market. From fashion apparel and accessories, to antiques and fine jewelry, this place is the ultimate one-stop tourist destination in Beijing. But if what you remembers is a hundred-meter long open air bazaar teeming with vendors and visitors, you're in for a surprise. The Silk Market was transformed in 2005 to an indoor shopping mall alongside Chang'an...

Hongqiao is a Beijing shopping favourite, not because it is relaxed but because it has just about anything you could possibly want. However, with the recent crackdown on fake branded products, many of these are carried under the counter.Hongqiao is known for its pearls and there are plenty of pearl shops here: do remember that these are freshwater pearls though, which are a lower quality than saltwater pearls!Although the ground floor (and the ba...

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