Pearl Market in Beijing
Hongqiao is a Beijing shopping favourite, not because it is relaxed but because it has just about anything you could possibly want. However, with the recent crackdown on fake branded products, many of these are carried under the counter.
Hongqiao is known for its pearls and there are plenty of pearl shops here: do remember that these are freshwater pearls though, which are a lower quality than saltwater pearls!
Although the ground floor (and the basement fish stalls) are a seething mass of people al day every day, the crowds get less as you go higher up. There are some classy shops on the upper floors.
Note that several buildings nearby are now part of an 'extended' Hongqiao and you may get better bargains there.
There is a shop around the corner (actually behind the main Hongqiao - entrance where the car-park ramp comes out) which has vast amounts of toys, electronic games, sports goods and stationery.

You name it, they have it. There are some nice silk tablecloths and napkins on the ground floor.
Hongqiao is also good for binoculars.

If you behave like a ditzy tourist, you will pay ditzy tourist prices. The trick is to know the going China rate for things, which is difficult to know unless you live here. Push hard, and walk away at least once.
ame Pearl Market is somehow misleading. This big market offers everything, from pocket knifes, copy watches, sports wear, bags, shoes to actual jewelry.
It is somehow chaotic ¨C but so is every market in China (the ones locals visit are even harder to pick through). On ground floor you can find some electronics, basic photo equipment, copy watches and other small stuff (pocket knives, thermos for tea¡­). On second floor they have shoes, women¡¯s and men¡¯s clothes, bags and some sporting goods ¨C remember when bargaining - they are all fakes! At the top of the store they keep pearls, other jewelry and souvenirs (lamps, stamps, coins, kites, silk craft¡­).

You can make the best deal buying pearls and copy watches (they are really cheap here, if you know how to bargain).
For other stuff you can make a better deal on other more local markets.

Allways BARGAIN. As low as I could get:
better (fake nike, addidas...) shoes - 50/60 RMB
fake bags - 40 RMB
men's T shirts - 30 RMB
women's shirts - 10/30 RMB
pearls - 6 RMB for the small necklace, 30 RMB for a string of pearls
copy watches (rolex, brightling) - 120 RMB
copy watches (CK, DKNY, Gucci) - 30/50 RMB

Remember, they will start with the skyhigh prices - don't get discouraged - BARGAIN!
Apart from the fact that you can find more pearls here (as the name implies) and the fact that there are probably not quite as many designer knock-offs, Hongqiao (Pearl Market) is not much different from Beijing¡¯s two other well-known markets, Xiu Shiu (Silk Alley) and Ya Xiu (Cotton Market). The market is located opposite the Temple of Heaven. Escaping for some rest and relaxation at the temple may be necessary should the haggling in the market prove too much, or after you¡¯ve spent more than you should have on fake Guccis and Louis Vuittons. 
Most of the jewellery is on the higher floors. The top floor features a number of more exclusive shops specializing in pearls. Some of these shops have great views overlooking the Temple of Heaven, and they are much quieter with none of the frantic bargaining that goes on downstairs.
In the basement all manner of seafood is sold, most of which is live.