Silk Market
Almost every shopping guide to China points to one place - Xiushuijie, also known as the Silk Market. From fashion apparel and accessories, to antiques and fine jewelry, this place is the ultimate one-stop tourist destination in Beijing. But if what you remembers is a hundred-meter long open air bazaar teeming with vendors and visitors, you're in for a surprise. The Silk Market was transformed in 2005 to an indoor shopping mall alongside Chang'an Avenue.
Despite its name, the Silk Market has much more than just silk. The silk products here are cheap, and therefore popular, but there are also a lot of cashmere garments, down jackets, leather goods, shoes, hats, watches and some handicrafts and trinkets. The Silk Market basically consists of a long, narrow street (XiushuiJie) lined with dozens of stalls. One of the main things about the Silk Market is the fact that none of the prices are set. It is often helpful to bring along a Chinese friend who can help you bargain.

1,700 retail vendors flaunt their goods over seven floors as they call out repeatedly in English. Approximately 20,000 visitors visit the Silk Market every weekday. That number soars to 50 or 60 thousand on the weekend. But what exactly is the apple of their eye?

One thing that's on everyone's shopping list, none other than premium silk. If it's not on your list, while it should be.

Rows of fabric in a variety of colors and textures vie for your attention. Professional help is on hand to help you choose, and the market offers speedy tailoring within 18 hours to cater to customers' every need.

The Silk Market boasts famous old Chinese brand names like Ruifuxiang, Neiliansheng, Shengxifu alongside newer labels occupying the entire 5th floor.

Adjacent aisles offer ready-to-wear silk fashions.

If you are not looking for some made-to-order fashion, You can buy some scarf for your aunt.

The secrets of silk production are revealed on this rumbling machine. Silk threads are produced from these chrysalides on the wooden structure.

The silk is hand picked by another women on the side.