Nanluogu Lane

Nanluogu Lane is close to the Forbidden City, which has about 800 years' back to Yuan Dyansty in 13th and 14th centuryRunning from north to south, this lane is about 800 meters long with 16 hutongs - 8 hutongs on each side of the lane. The lane is now famous for the cafes and bars and clothing and handcraft shops that line its hutong laneways as well as its traditional hutong and courtyards.

These bars and unique stores, simply decorated on the basis of the original quadrangles, basically keep the original pattern and feature of Beijing Hutong in spite of a variety of fashion factors. Tourists from around the world stop at the deep and serene South Luogu Lane; young people in the city also like to come here by themselves or chat with their friends here. The simple and modern South Luogu Lane feels the breath of the city in development, and is brimming with more charm, as time goes by.