Why incentive to China

Another lucrative aspect is incentive travel.  Incentive travel aims to enterain, reward, and motivate those who workl directly or indirectly with the organization for their increased levels of performance.   For management, incentive travel provides an opportunity to share experiences and ideas an build up loyalty to the company.

Incentive travel deals more with hospitality than convening.  It includes receptions, dinners or banquets, and hours to interesting destinations.

Why incentive to China : Why China ? You may ask where else ! We would say

  • Where else in the World you can go on the back of an elephant up the ramparts of an ancient fort.
  • Where else in the World you can have a romantic and memorable picture in front of the Heritage Site in the light of the rising sun.
  • Where else in the world you will get the "Lead Travel" Welcomes;Luxurious accommodations;Entertaining cultural shows; Millions of smiles and open hearts.

What we provide at lead Travel is an important component of any corporate incentive program. We understand much better than anyone and you will get a special kind of service that an ordinary tourist does not get. Here, we believe that it is our duty to make your job as easy as possible. That is where we set our service apart from competition.

Among the special features of our service are included the hotels,
, luxury resorts, China has some of the very fine and unique hotels to offer. At "Lead Travel " , we use some of the best hotels, regarded to be among some of the finest hotels in the World.

Your Escort
All our incentive programs include the services of an experienced tour professional to escort you from arrival till departure.

Your Transport  

We use only the finest available luxury air-conditioned cars and coaches throughout our tours.

Lead Travel is belongs to Beijing XinHua Tour Companybuilt on mutual trust and personalized services. To us, business is about creating long lastind relationships. We specializes in only one thing - Personalized Services. With our own luxury transportation fleet, we offer programs for individual and Group travel, Incentive, Special Interest tours, Conferences & Meetings, Charter Movements, custom made itineraries to meet the client's needs.

We would like to reiterate China Lead Travel total commitment to providing the finest quality of services to our clients. From the time you step out of the plane till the time you leave China, you will be in same hands.