There's nothing like teambuilding to instill the importance of working together. "Are we having fun yet?" Do we understand the true meaning of meetings yet?

Not only does having fun help to reduce stress, it loosens us up and gets our creative juices flowing. Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence, writes: "Good moods enhance the ability to think flexibly and with more complexity, thus making it easier to find solutions to problems, whether intellectual or interpersonal. Laughing, like elation, seems to help people think more broadly and associate more freely, noticing relationships that might have eluded them otherwise - a mental skill important not just in creativity, but in recognizing complex relationships and foreseeing the consequences of a given decision."

A "meeting" can be defined as an event at which people gathere from afar, exchange messsages, and make decisions. However, it is too generic a term to be inclusive.This is partly because there are diverse meeting needs,ranging from international conferences to corporate training sessions, and partly because the emerging technologies make it possible for people to see each other without meeting face-to-face.

Anyway, be it a convention or seminar, the importance of such an event lies not only in what is said from the platform but also in the total atmosphere of the event. Furthermore,feeling elated at the end of a meeting does not make cret to the increased number and diversity of meetings alone. Meetings, especially at the international level, are inherently information-oriented and problem solving. Experience needs to be shared, as does the knowledge about the world and human being themselves. Everything can be the topic of a meeting.

Leading companies are consolidating meeting and travel departments, and that is changing the way meeting planners do their jobs.

Many companies with focussed meetings have realised the need of the same, as a result, are saving about 5 percent on their total spend each year.

The right hand needs to know what the left hand is doing. A growing number of companies are doing the same thing, but they aren't necessarily approaching it the same way.

Some have brought the two disciplines together under the authority of a meeting professional.

Many more have folded meetings into travel. Let us help you redefine meetings today for a better tomorrow