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  Guilin Merryland Resort Hotel (ضȼپƵ)  
Address:Zhi Ling Road, Xing'an, Guilin
Surrounding:The Guilin Merryland is located 60km northeast of Guilin. Distance from the airport ( Km ):78 Distance from the railway station ( Km ):2
Description: The Guilin Merryland is a five star hotel, a forest resort village, golf course and a theme park. The Merryland Resort Hotel (Lemandi dujia jiudian), build in courtyards, houses three different styles of exquisite guestrooms. There are 368 guestrooms, 64 American style huts and 160 camping terraces.
Booking policy:1.According to our pay guide,payment in advance. Prepay to our company
2.The regular check out time is 12:00 at noon.
3.The room rate includes the service fee but excludes other hotel charges, taxes and fees resulting from special requests.
4.All rates are subject to change without prior notice. The rate will be confirmed at the time of booking.